Do It Again!

img_0859As I shut the trunk of my car, I was flooded with emotions.

There, in my little white Acura TL, was the entire contents of my life. All packed away.
And 17 hrs ahead of me was my new adventure.

With my dad in the driver seat, I looked in the side mirror and watched all the familiar signs and places get smaller and smaller. All these thoughts started filling my head, “Are you sure God? Is this really what you’re calling me to do? What would happen if I just made my dad turn around and stay? I was pretty happy and content with my life here. Am I making the right decision?” Tears slowly ran down my cheeks. My heart felt like it was in my throat, and my body felt numb.

But then, a still, small voice whispered, “Be strong in me and my mighty power. I got you.”

You guys, Ephesians 6:10 says “A final word: Be strong in the Lord and his mighty power.”

As the whole world seemed like it was crashing down on my lap, and my mind began sinking into a small perspective, God reminded me that He has me. And He has continued to remind me every day since I made the decision to keep moving forward.

It’s been about 2 weeks since moving to California. The fear has subsided a bit, and the anxiousness has disappeared. All because MY God has proven, time and time again, that He has me. From the precious bond my family and I experienced while they were down here, to my awesome roommate who I have almost everything in common with, to getting offered a job on the spot at Starbucks, to HALF of my tuition being provided by so many friends and family who are being used by God to show me that HE HAS ME. I don’t know what your small mirror moment is right now, but I just want you to know He has you. Every step has been orchestrated by our God. I never understood that until now. Seeing all of it unravel before my eyes. It is evident that He has literally planned out every single detail for me. And we just get to sit back and worship in His glory.

My friend is so great about sharing what God continues to do in her life. Sharing story after story of how faithful our God is. And every time she writes, “A testimony is telling God, ‘Do it again.'” She doesn’t know it, but it has been speaking to me daily. And every time God has shown up and done something crazy incredible, where I know it can only be Him, I just want to jump on the rooftop and share a testimony of how good He is, and proclaiming “GOD DO IT AGAIN!”

So, this is my way of doing that. This is my rooftop. Do it again, Lord.



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