Dreamers VS Visionaries

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Sometimes we get a vision we believe is from God. Like most people, you act on that vision right away. But sometimes, it’s better to wait. Waiting can actually be better then acting. It gives God time to help us grow, and for us to see if our vision is God-given or self-given.

This doesn’t mean that you are paralyzed in this time. This is actually when you do the most. When you PRAY and PREPARE. We pray for opportunities to grow, but in order to use/see these opportunities we prepare ourselves. Plan for our prayers to be answered, trusting that God is going to provide. Because opportunities without preparation equals missed opportunities. S

God has provided incredible opportunities for me, with a new job, helping launch a church in a community I love, and starting up school again. I am overwhelmed by his provision, and know that He is preparing me for something big.



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