Week 2: Away with the Waves


















What a week! Spent the whole week in a place called Donegal. We rented a beach house which was only a 2 minute walk from the beach. The calmness, peacefulness, and beauty of the place was remarkable. It was nice to get away with the waves. With no wifi, no distractions, and just me and God’s creation.

Every day I got special time with The Lord, running miles on the beach. No music, no people, just me, the sand, wind and the sound of the waves. God spoke so intimately to me on one of my runs. I prayed that He would help me to be still and boy did he show up.

As I ran down the sand and turned around I could see all these different foot prints and paths. My instinct was to run back the way I ran there, but I felt God telling me to go on the untouched sand. To trust Him with where to go. And to keep my eyes on what He has promised which is that He’ll get us to the end if we just believe and rely on Him. Of course, that lasted about a mile and I started to lift my head and look around, seeing if people could see me or were watching me. And God just spoke softly and said, stop looking and running for approval. Fixate your eyes on me. And I will give you the strength and endurance. And even someone to run with eventually. But for now, run for me, towards me, whole heartedly and trust I’ll help you make it to the end.

So here I go. Feet in the sand. Only looking forward, towards the untouched, unmarked path, knowing I’m with the One who will lead my every step and stride.


2 thoughts on “Week 2: Away with the Waves

  1. Love this pics! What a great message too! Gave me goosebumps and teary eyes as your cousin is off on his own Godventure! I love you!

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