Day 3: Tour de Killaloe

20140709-181229-65549033.jpg 20140709-181233-65553583.jpg 20140709-181230-65550652.jpg 20140709-181231-65551802.jpg 20140709-181234-65554408.jpg 20140709-181228-65548164.jpg 20140709-181232-65552751.jpg 20140709-181231-65551455.jpg 20140709-181229-65549851.jpgWent on a tour of Killaloe! A bit windy, but very gorgeous.Saw some ancient buildings (which is pretty much every building here) and ate at a local restaurant and had my FIRST European Guinness. Which didn’t really live up to the hype. haha. None the less, another eventful day today.


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