All Packed Up with Everywhere to Go


                                  It starts TOMORROW. The journey. The journey I’ve been waiting for, and have been for far too long. To say preparing for this was easy, would be a LIE. I feel like the moment you decide to do something great with your life, everything goes wrong. Or at least becomes extremely distracting. But the only thing I can do is keep my head up, my eyes fixated on the important things, and the continual reminder that I’m going to IRELAND!

The amount of provision God has had for me, just in these last couple of days, have been incredible. From spiritual, to physical, to even emotional, God has continued to help prepare me for these next few weeks. And the crazy thing is, I believe all of these distractions are because something BIG is going to happen in Ireland. Something life changing, and I can’t wait. So just like my suitcase, I am ready, open, and all packed up with EVERYWHERE to go.


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